1. What is the main feature of AndroDumpper?

 The main feature of AndroDumpper is to detect the WPS enabled WiFi Routers.
2. What is the benefit of using AndroDumpper?

 The benefit of using AndroDumpper is that it will help to save your time and efforts by detecting if your router is vulnerable to the WPS attack or not.
3. Is AndroDumpper a virus or a malware? 

AndroDumpper is not a virus or a malware. It is a utility app that will be used for the detection of WPS enabled routers.
4. How can I download AndroDumpper?

 You can download AndroDumpper from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
5. What are the different ways to use AndroDumpper?

 There are two ways to use AndroDumpper. The first way is to scan WiFi Routers and the second way is to connect to WPS enabled WiFi Routers.
6. What are the limitations of AndroDumpper?

 The limitation of AndroDumpper is that it will only work on WiFi Routers which have the WPS vulnerability.
7. Can AndroDumpper be used to hack a router?

 No, AndroDumpper can't be used to hack a router.
8. What is the price of AndroDumpper? 

The price of AndroDumpper is free.
9. What is the Android SDK? 

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is a collection of tools that you can use to create programs for your Android phone.
10. What is an emulator? 

An emulator is a computer program that allows you to run an operating system that you don't have installed on your Android phone.